Team Resources

Help is here!

As we go and re-establish our brand, we want to give you the tools and resources you need to have support for your teams. Please use the links below to add to announcements, request marketing materials, etc.
Announcement Request

Once you create an announcement request, an email will be sent to everyone that needs to know and it will get placed on their agendas to handle communication for you all. The link is above and is simple to fill out. You have the ability to upload graphics and videos that you might have. Also, there is a field for how long you would like it to be announced for etc.
Requests are due by 3pm on Wednesday or we will not have it in the bulletin or via stage for that following weekend.

Creative Request

In the attempt to stay in line with the brand we are creating, everything that is visual on behalf of any ministry should go through this process. In other words, no hanging weird posters with hand written words above the urinals! Please make sure and communicate this to all of your team members.
This link will allow you to request an in house graphic made for you that can be printed (in the right format) or properly used on the right social media platforms. If you would like a Total graphics package just choose that in the drop down and you will get print and social media. You will also see an option for video, meaning if you want a video created for you we can do that but please know those take some major work and we aren't 100% there just yet.